KLONE - Station to Station

9. October 2019


KLONE - Station to Station

With "Here Comes The Sun", the French progressive metal band Klone 2015 was positioned between The Pineapple Thief and Anathema. With her successor "Unplugged" two years later she struck even quieter notes. "Le Grand Voyage" now convincingly combines both approaches.

When we ask clones for an interview, singer Yann Ligner and guitarist/songwriter Guillaume Bernard take time to chat with us about the last things. For them, making music is more than just creating sounds.

eclipsed: Your compatriots from Magma have just released an album about the "Day of Extinction". And now you on your part deal with the great questions of life and speculate besides about whether and how it continues after death. Is this a coincidence or is there perhaps a current vibration to which sensitive musicians react?

Yann Ligner: The way you describe it, it actually seems to admit similarities in the thematic orientation. Currently it is difficult not to be interested in what is happening in the world. I think a certain consciousness is developing right now. But there's still a long way to go.

eclipsed: In the run-up to the event we learned that "The Last Experience", the opener of "Le Grand Voyage", with "Yonder" ties in with the final piece of "Here Comes The Sun". So both songs are thematically related?

Ligner: That's right. The guitar riffs have a similar rhythm, the tempos are almost the same, and also the mood of both songs is similar. The Last Experience" dealt with the end of a cycle, while "Yonder" deals with a new beginning.

eclipsed: What exactly is "Le Grand Voyage" about?

Ligner: We all make great journeys in our lives, for example when we leave our parents' house or discover new landscapes. Meeting people who touch or influence you can be a great journey. Experiences that make you grow are great trips. To start a family as well. Our dreams, life, love, death - all these important moments may be great journeys.

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