The LARKIN POE sisters release their first album on their own label

25. June 2020

Larkin Poe

Die LARKIN POE-Schwestern veröffentlichen ihr erstes Album auf dem eigenen Label

With their pithy lap-steel, slide and acoustic guitars the two sisters Megan (31) and Rebecca (29) Lovell already accompanied Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Bob Seger or country superstar Keith Urban and made their songs swing powerfully. But the musical epicentre of the two Graces from Atlanta, Georgia, who have been calling Nashville their home for quite some time now, is their own project Larkin Poe. The "soulmates", as Megan and Rebecca like to call themselves, have always been docile students of the original blues.

While on earlier works they covered songs by luminaries like Skip James or Bessie Smith, the new album "Self Made Man" features an ode to Blind Willie Johnson and his shivering ballad "God Moves On The Water". The sound of the Lovell duo and their musical comrades-in-arms is firmly anchored in the American South, the Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd send their regards. Sometimes a little too much routine creeps into the fifth album of the Grammy nominees. Some pieces are all too predictable, although always performed with immense virtuosity

eclipsed: What is the title of your current album?

Rebecca Lovell: To the extent that we were releasing on our own label for the first time, so we felt completely free. With all the risks that such independence entails. But for true artists - and that's how we see ourselves - the creative free spirit is the highest good we can claim. Of course we could have called the record "Self Made Woman". But that would have been too flat for us. We didn't need to point out our gender. Whether you're born a boy or a girl is beyond your control. What's important is that you can assert yourself in life. Whether you're a man or a woman. It's up to you!

eclipsed: Supposedly, "Self Made Man" is your most "emancipated" record. How can one understand this concretely?

Megan Lovell: Having total control over your work is fantastic. It's the height of emancipation in a more conservative industry like the blues and country rock scene here in America. And it was pretty awesome to have a great band on our side that did what we told them to do (laughs). Well, we are not that bad ..

Larkin Poe | She's A Self Made Man (Official Video)

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