Music From Time And Space Vol. 65

27. June 2017


RPWL - The Attack (Live) (10:20)
Album: A New Dawn (Live) (2CD) (2017, Release: 14.07.)
Label/Distribution: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood

With "A New Dawn", the Freising art rockers have presented a great success to ambitious German rock theaters. But also on CD the floy music convinces, which is performed with instrumental impressive force and verve like the marching "The Attack", which is exemplary for the fight against populists and hooligans.

Bjørn Riis - Forever Comes To An End (8:17)
Album: Forever Comes To An End (2017)
Label/Distribution: Karisma/Soulfood

Close to the Steven Wilson cosmos between spherical-rocky Porcupine Tree and more pop Blackfield lies the guitarist of the Norwegian art rock band Airbag. From longtrack to artrock ballad to instrumental. Sounds and harmonies are convincing, Blackfield have to dress warm! The driving title track may serve as proof.

PRISTINE - The Rebel Song (4:45)
Album: Ninja (2017)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

Heidi Solheim's troupe are actually among the most lovable rebels, but the nice gentlemen with a front woman turn into a rebellious rock machine as soon as they enter a studio or a stage. "The Rebel Song" is a sparking retro-rocker with blues-rock guitar solo and mini organ solo.

BRÖSELMASCHINE - Indian Camel (edit) (7:23)
Album: Indian Camel (2017)
Label/Distribution: MIG/Indigo

"Indian Camel", even more the longtrack, which is shown here as a longer edit, than the whole album, sets a Krautrock exclamation mark! This is highly concentrated, jammed progressive rock, to which ideas and inspirations fly from all musical sides. And this from all over the world and all styles.

WHEEL - The Change (7:46)
Album: The Path EP (2017)
Label/Distribution: Umbrella/ADA/Warner

WHEEL come from Finland and give a first impression of their skills on "The Path EP". Your New Artrock is excellently produced and has enough autonomy despite tool references. "The Change" shows that the band is strongest when it contrasts filigree with wallof-sound attacks.

SQUINTALOO - 3 Kraken (3:33)
Album: Overboard! (2017)
Label/Distribution: MIG/Indigo

The albums of the Berlin quartet SQUINTALOO combine highly complex, cross-style music with joy of playing and fun of musical (delusional) wit. In the comparatively relaxed "3 Kraken" this reminds us of King Crimson, who tries his hand at a rhythmically interlaced minimal music piece.

HEY COLOSSUS - Englishman (4:18)
Album: The Guillotine (2017)
Label/Distributor: Rocket/Cargo

A dark, very engaging mixture of krautrock, psychedelia and a pinch of postrock. The British sextet has an incredibly dense sound and, driven by the dark singing of their frontman Paul Sykes, on "The Guillotine" they play a delightful game between light and darkness.

ANNA COOGAN - Wishing Well (3:10)
Album: The Lonely Cry Of Space & Time (2017)
Distribution: Anna Coogan/Soulfood

An exciting mixture of indie rock and folk, garnished with surprising opera singing. With her varied, classically trained voice, the American succeeds in bridging the gap between rock and opera and thus lends her songs that certain something.

CINEMA - Diving Into The Devil's Hole (5:05)
Album: The Discovering Of Time (2017)
Label/Distribution: Sireena/Broken Silence

Tangerine Dream, Alan Parsons, Mike Oldfield. Ringing names for which ex-Tibet man Jürgen "Pöngse" Krutzsch is preparing his own head cinema. Instrumental art rock sound that oscillates between electronics and guitar power and deals with the theme of transience. "Diving Into The Devil's Hole" is rhythmically playful.

COSMIC FALL - Sleeping Pandora (15:27)
Album: Cosmic Fall/Aphodyl split album "Starsplit" (2017)

The three newcomers of the Berlin band Cosmic Fall set a beautiful mosaic stone in the current underground rock scene. Closer than others to great blues guitarists like Johnny Winter is their jam-like stoner rock. "Sleeping Pandora" gets the most psychedelic of her three tracks on the "Starsplit" split album.