NIEDECKENS BAP - Zwesche Corona un Kölsche Dom

11. September 2020

BAP Wolfgang Niedecken

NIEDECKENS BAP - Zwesche Corona un Kölsche Dom

The Cologne dialect rock institution BAP also had to take a corona-related time-out. But now the new album "ALLES FLIESST" will finally be released on September 18th. A work as earthy as it is atmospherically dense, which evokes memories of the band's great early works. BAP thinker and director Wolfgang Niedecken himself draws comparisons to "Zwesche Salzjebäck un Bier". On the cover, his gaze wanders from Cologne Cathedral across the Rhine and the river of the world. What is it about the new BAP-Weitblick?

In Café Butter in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg, Wolfgang Niedecken once had his live star hour with Bruce Springsteen when it was still called Café Eckstein: it was here that they jointly shot the video for the re-released song "Hungry Heart" in 1995. Now the cozy café serves as a meeting place for a relaxed eclipsed interview. During the conversation, Niedecken appears to be as approachable and relaxed as usual, but the state of the world worries him as always, which were once again translated into impressive song paintings on "Alles fließt"

eclipsed: So the "Boss" lets you make press appointments in Berlin instead of Cologne, Wolfgang?

Wolfgang Niedecken: (laughs) No, but my big daughter lives around the corner and comes here for breakfast more often. My wife Tina and I are currently helping Isis move here in Berlin. I never recognized this place as the old Café Eckstein. Back when we were shooting the video, the audience was standing outside

eclipsed: We talked about the Corona crisis in April: How do you see the current situation?

Niedecken: Right now I'm afraid of a second wave, because people don't seem to take it seriously anymore... I'm holding my breath. Planning security is another matter. We can forget about the album presentation that was actually planned, but we still keep the date for my 70th birthday next year on 30 March in the Kölnarena open as an option. Only: We won't be performing live under car cinema and Plexiglas conditions

eclipsed: Let's get to the new album. How was the creation process of "Alles fließt"?

Niedecken: The work on the album already started at the end of the "Lebenslänglich" tour. Ulle [Ulrich Rode, BAP guitarist since 2014, note] gave me a tape with eleven new songs, but I was still busy with my "family album" "Reinrassije Strooßeköter". After the Stroosso-Köter-tour with Tina I went to an Ayurveda-cure in Sri Lanka, and there I remembered the first lyrics to "Ruhe vor'm Sturm", which is based on the line "En der Ruhe vür'm Sturm, wat ess dat?" from "Kristallnaach". From then on, everything went very smoothly. Everything, from Trump's presidency in the US to the fears and anger about what the populists were doing, came out of me. After Trump's election, I was afraid and anxious about the problems that would come our way. Three and a half years of Trump is gone and now we have huge problems... I wanted to write, and the inspiration was there. Besides Ulle, our multi-instrumentalist Anne de Wolff and keyboardist Michael Nass also contributed music

Niedeckens BAP - Volle Kraft voraus (Official Lyric Video)

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