OKTA LOGUE - Above the sound clouds

3. June 2019

Okta Logue

OKTA LOGUE - Über den Klangwolken

Okta Logue, first released nine years ago with an album release, is now an institution in the German rock scene. Their catchy, wonderfully arranged songs bridge the gap between folk, indie and progressive psychedelic pop. On their fourth album "Runway Markings", the quartet has further honed their sound with the help of producer Johann Scheerer.

Philip Meloi is in Italy right now when we get him on the phone to talk to him about his group's new record. Probably also because, but above all because he knows that Okta Logue have recorded a wonderful album with "Runway Markings" - the first on the indie label Clouds Hill - the guitarist and songwriter of the south Hessian band seems extremely relaxed.

eclipsed: You've always been with a major label. What kind of changes did changing to an indie bring to you?

Philip Meloi: Less than you might think. Many always have the image of the bad major in mind who manipulates the poor bands, but in our case that wasn't the case at all. However, Clouds Hill is ideal for us. Not only because the relationship with the people at the label is so good, but also because we could use this fantastic studio.

eclipsed: One hears more and more often that musicians of different genres rave about this analogue recording studio in Hamburg.

Meloi: This is really traditional: large rooms, a lot of analog equipment, everything very noble. You can make records like you used to, that's very good for our sound of course.

eclipsed: Like every one of your four albums has its very own sound.

Meloi: Yes, we have very specific ideas about how we want to sound. I just always call us a rock band, even if that's not enough for many people, because we have a lot of progressive elements in it. Of course we are primarily inspired by the bands from the 70s, but we also automatically recorded sounds from the 80s and 90s due to our musical socialization.

Okta Logue - River Street (Official Video)

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