With "A Secret To Hide" POVERTY'S NO CRIME start into their anniversary year

4. May 2021

Poverty’s No Crime

Mit „A Secret To Hide“ starten POVERTY’S NO CRIME in ihr Jubiläumsjahr

Poverty's No Crime are rich. Rich in experience, after all, the band has existed for 30 years, 20 of which were completed in the current line-up alone. Rich in creativity, with "A Secret To Hide" the number of released albums rises to eight. And rich in musical competence, their melodic progressive metal has maintained an amazing qualitative and stylistic consistency over all this time. The quintet is correspondingly well-rehearsed, and the fact that - due to the pandemic - they weren't able to meet in person once during the recordings this time didn't pose a major challenge: "We've been making music together for so long, there's a consensus among us as to how things should go. There are hardly any controversies, we have found an effective division of labour", explains singer and guitarist Volker Walsemann

Bassist Heiko Spaarmann speaks of a "uniform understanding of what is good for the band", and drummer Andreas "Theo" Tegeler adds: "Everyone knows what to expect from the others. We work almost blindly in this respect. In the past we really sat in the rehearsal room and put the pieces together part by part. That sometimes dragged on for weeks. This kind of songwriting wouldn't work like that today, if only because we meet far too seldom for that." A Secret To Hide" proves once again that the "new", home studio controlled way of songwriting and recording works just as well ...

Poverty's No Crime - The Great Escape (official video)

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