Showcase hard rocker AXEL RUDI PELL proves that he has all the tricks

19. May 2020

Axel Rudi Pell

Vorzeige-Hardrocker AXEL RUDI PELL beweist, dass er alle Tricks draufhat

When guitarist Axel Rudi Pell recorded his 18th studio album in winter - if you don't count "Diamonds Unlocked" with its cover versions - he wouldn't have dreamed that the title "Sign Of The Times" would come across as particularly pregnant with meaning in these Corona times. All live activities are on hold for now. "When you have a new album out, you naturally want to get out to present it live. In normal mode we would already be in the middle of the first part of the tour. We have now postponed it for one year. So the planned second part in October and November will be Part One. At least I hope so..."

But the studio template for the gigs stands at least like a one. But you are used to the fact that the 59-year-old veteran delivers quality work. "My approach was basically the same as always: During the course of the year, I record ideas that I have at home or at rehearsals with the band, and then the new songs crystallize in the pre-production phase in the home studio. I record them with all the trimmings - and me as the singer - as a demo. So that we have a very good basis for the actual album production

Sign of the Times

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