22. April 2019


1. KING CRIMSON - The Court Of The Crimson King (live) (7:06) Album
: Live In Vienna (2018) Label/Distribution
: Panegyric/DGM/Galileo MC (studio track released 1969)

With this song from their (almost) homonymous debut album King Crimson staged their own huge anthem and perhaps the anthem from the early days of progressive rock par excellence. Here interpreted by the current line-up of the band around Robert Fripp with the power of the three drummers.

2. HAWKWIND - Hurry On Sundown (the demo by Hawkwind Zoo) (6:57) Album
: The Flickknife Years 1981-1988 (5CD) (2014) (track recorded 1969) Label/Distribution
: Atomhenge

In 1969, when HAWKWIND still called themselves Hawkwind Zoo, they recorded a first demo version of "Hurry On Sundown" with lead guitarist Mick Slattery, which is much more electric and psychedelic than the acoustic version on the Hawkwind debut in 1970. After the demo Slattery left the band.

3. STEAMHAMMER - Junior's Wailing (3:18) Compilation
: "Riding On The L&N - The Anthology" (2CD)
Label/Distribution: Repertoire/Sony (2012) (single released 1969)

With their albums "Reflection" and "MK II" STEAMHAMMER released two milestones of progressive British Blues, which was reinvented by redesigning and changing current patterns. The single "Junior's Wailing" was played in all rock discotheques in Germany and has lost nothing of its charm.

4. LARRY CORYELL - Sex (3:54) Album
: Coryell (1969/...) Label/Distribution
: Vanguard/Concord/UMGI

He is considered one of the fathers of the merger and was occasionally referred to as the "white Jimi Hendrix". US jazz rock guitarist LARRY CORYELL, who died in 2017, worked with greats like Herbie Mann and John McLaughlin. His 1969 album is full of tricky jazz rock fusion guitar escapades.

5. WRITING ON THE WALL - Bogeyman (3:42) Compilation
: "I'm A Freak Baby..." (3CD) (2016) Label/Distribution
: Grapefruit/Cherry Red/Rough Trade (track released 1969)

According to Deke Leonard von Man the Scottish band belonged to the most feared live acts of the late sixties, since fists flew quickly when discrepancies occurred. "Bogeyman" is an exemplary song of the Psych compilation released on the Grapefruit label and stands for the harder sound of many bands.

6. FAT MATTRESS - All Night Drinker (3:12) Album
: Fat Mattress (1969/2011) Label/Distribution
: Esoteric

Already during his time at the Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist Noel Redding founded Fat Mattress out of artistic frustration, because he finally wanted to play guitar again. "All Night Drinker" with Chris Wood (Traffic) on the flute is one of the best tracks of the classic "Hippie Album".

7. THE BUBBLE PUPPY - Todd's Tune (3:11) Album
: A Gathering Of Promises (1969/Reissue 2019, tba.) Label/Distribution
: Charly/Snapper/Edel

THE BUBBLE PUPPY were one of the most successful acts of International Artists in terms of sales figures, the label on which the 13th Floor Elevators also released. "Todd's Tune" is an example of her psychedelic sound, in which rock elements played an important role.

8. AUDIENCE - House On The Hill (4:04) Compilation
: Various Artists - One Way Glass: Dancefloor Prog, Brit Jazz & Funky Folk 1968-1975 (3CD) (2017)
Label/Distribution: RPM/Cherry Red/Rough Trade (track released 1969)

AUDIENCE emerged from a soul band and often performed at Ronnie Scott's Jazz-Club. The throaty vocals, a saxophone and a progressive rock opening but still jazzy sound make "The House On The Hill" a pioneer of independent fusion in Great Britain.

9. FEAR ITSELF - In My Time Of Dying (8:48) Album
: Fear Itself (1969/2006) Label/Distribution
: World In Sound/Clear Spot

The only FEAR ITSELF album is a typical late 60's psych-blues, shaped by the voice of Ellen McIlwaine. Inspired by studio stays together, she even recorded guitar melodies by Jimi Hendrix in her vocals. The jam-like version of the traditional "In My Time Of Dying" is the central piece.

10. EYES OF BLUE - Merry Go Round (9:09) Album
: Fields Of Ardath (1969/2015) Label/Distribution
: Esoteric/H'Art

The EYES OF BLUE with John Weathers (later Gentle Giant and Man) came from Wales and were among the first UK bands to establish progressive sounds. "Merry Go Round" is an excellent example of the second album, which is characterized by complexity, playfulness and a pleasant naivety.

11. THE HEAD SHOP - I Feel Love Comin' On (5:50) Album
: The Head Shop (1969/2004) Label/Distribution
: World In Sound/Clear Spot

A wild, desert and extremely charming mixture of beat, song oriented psych and all sorts of shrill sound experiments make up the only album of the New York THE HEAD SHOP. There is an acid cover version of Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" and two Beatles covers ("Yesterday" and "Revolution").

12. YOUR CHILDREN - Plastiki und Plastika (4:53) Album
: Her children (1969/1998) Label/Distribution
: Ohrwaschl

Contrary to popular opinion, it was YOUR CHILDREN from Nuremberg who were the first band to merge German lyrics with Anglo-American rock music and not Udo Lindenberg. "Plastiki und Plastika" stands for the socially critical approach of the texts, but at the same time also for musical visions.