23. November 2020


1.ASH RA TEMPEL & TIMOTHY LEARY - Power Drive (Space - Part 2) (3:40)
Album: Seven Up (1973/2011 [CD])
(MG.ART [MG.ART 113])

The pure stuff! Krautrock at its finest! The cooperation of ASH RA TEMPEL and the LSD visionary TIMOTHY LEARY took the listener into trippy soundscapes, to exotic sounds and transcendent as well as exciting listening experiences. Innovative and internationally a musical beacon.

2.ET CETERA - Mellodrama No. 2 A (5:11)
Album: Et Cetera (1971/2008 [CD]/ 2011 [LP] - Bonus tracks: CD reissue: three/LP reissue: four in 35 min.)
(Long Hair)

Wolfgang Dauner was a driving force of explorative jazz in all its forms of expression. Together with Sigi Schwab ("Vampyros Lesbos") and Eberhard Weber he creates here a psychedelic and trend-setting Kraut sound with ethno elements, jazz, folk and "stoned" moods

3.EPSILON - Two-2-II (8:11)
Album: Epsilon P1971
(P1971 Bacillus/1972 Bellaphon)

Michael Winzkowski had previously played with Orange Peel and the "Hammond monster" Nosferatu. With EPSILON he fused sophisticated progressive, a touch of classical and rock as well as floating rhythms. Especially the contrast between the massive organ sounds and the swinging lightness is convincing

4. SUBJECT ESQ.-Mammon (edit) (7:58)
Album: Subject Esq. (1972)

Only in recent years have the Munich band been rediscovered, later renaming themselves Sahara. Their flowing progressive rock combines musical skill at the highest level, excellent songwriting, a cornucopia of unusual and lyrical ideas and a captivating feel.

5.CAROL OF HARVEST - Put On Your Nightcap (edit) (10:12)
Album: Carol Of Harvest (1978/2020 CD reissue with seven bonus tracks)
(Garden Of Delights)

One facet of the Kraut cosmos was the folk movement. In contrast to the bands rooted in tradition, the Nurembergers stood for a new, gossamer and sensual folk. The dreamy atmosphere reflects the new sensibility, which sensitized and stimulated the listener to thought journeys

6.RUFUS ZUPHALL - Spanferkel (2:25)
Album: Weiß der Teufel (1970/2004 [CD]/2006 [LP] - CD reissue incl. six live bonus tracks from 1972)
(Long Hair)

The Aachen band, often compared to Jethro Tull due to their first-class flute playing, not only had a knack for unusual song titles. They moved between herbaceous moods, rocky parts and varied long tracks, which never seemed contrived, but earthy and down-to-earth

7.MURPHY BLEND - At First (4:36)
Album: First Loss P (1971)
(Cuckoo/E.R.P. Music Publishing)

Ever had an eye on the sexploitation flick "I - a Groupie" with Ingrid Steeger? There you can see the Berliners from MURPHY BLEND! With their Hammond dominated debut they presented an independent mix of Krautrock, Progressive with classical borrowings and Hardrock

8.MESSAGE - Changes (3:40)
Album: The Dawn Anew Is Coming (1972/1993 [CD]/2016 [LP])

MESSAGE was the first successful band of Horst Stachelhaus, who shaped the German music scene for years with his bass playing. Melodic twin guitars, hard rock rhythms and a melange of herbaceous approaches and British-influenced song structures proved innovation and audience appeal

9.DEUTER - Der Turm/Fluchtpunkt (4:28)
Album: D P (1971)
(Kuckuck/E.R.P. Musikverlag)

Georg DEUTER usually remains unnamed in the context of Krautrock, as he is considered the most important protagonist of New Age music. On his debut, however, the penchant for experimentation, Far Eastern moods and the artistic need to tear down old limitations and rigid norms were still evident.

10.WIND - Springwind (7:08)
Album: Seasons (1971/2010)
(Long Hair)

With WIND the rock aspect was in the foreground, which they "hammered" with a heavy and brute Hammond sound, but also alternated with delicate parts. They were often compared to Vanilla Fudge, but their music was stylistically more debauched, rhythmically direct and spot-on in its approach.

11.TOMORROW'S GIFT - Tenakel Gnag (2:55)
Album: Tomorrow's Gift (1970/2016)
(Long Hair)

TOMORROW'S GIFT are a pearl of progressive Krautrock that has received far too little attention so far. Effortlessly and without ingratiating themselves with Anglo-American styles, the band around the highly attractive singer Ellen Meier forced structured compositions with unexpected twists, fantastic ideas and a lot of playing feeling

12.AERA - Kamele On (5:29)
Album: Hand und Fuß (1976)

The Nuremberg group with Muck Groh from Ihre Kinder belonged to the "Krauters" who developed their pieces during long jam sessions. The mix of rock and jazz diversely put different improvising musicians in the foreground, resulting in a "liberated" and spontaneous sound