Even though the recently re-formed Toto will probably not release another studio work in the foreseeable future, fans of the American AOR band currently have reason to rejoice: On February 26, both guitarist STEVE LUKATHER and singer JOSEPH WILLIAMS will release their new solo albums. The highlight: The childhood friends supported each other during the productions, and keyboardist David Paich was also involved in each case, so that both records together almost make a Toto album, according to Lukather

Mid-January 2021: Today is a "Toto day", because Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams are ready for the eclipsed interview one after the other. The first one is Lukather, who prefers not to talk about the lost lawsuit against the wife of the late Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro - which is quite understandable. The 63-year-old would rather chat about the time he's able to spend with his girlfriend Amber Thayer (ex-wife of Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer) and his family due to the Corona pandemic. As Lukather explains, the title of his new album, "I Found The Sun Again," acknowledges the fact that he has regained his optimism after a prolonged low mood.

eclipsed: It's been eight years since your last solo album "Transition", and in the meantime you've been busy with Toto and Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band. It's nice that you now appear again as a solo artist.

Steve Lukather: Yeah, that's right. In October 2019, we played the last concert in Philadelphia with Toto, and it was clear that that lineup was at an end. Joseph was already working on his solo album at the time, I was going to record one as well, and we were both on the same label. So we thought we could work together - with Toto keyboardist David Paich working on both records. Putting them together is as close to a Toto album as you can get. And as soon as the situation allows, we'll be touring with the great new Toto lineup, playing some solo stuff. David is not allowed to change time zones for medical reasons, but he comes to rehearsals and continues to co-lead the band with me.

eclipsed: "I Found The Sun Again," the title of your new solo album, hints that you've had some not-so-great experiences in recent years

Lukather: Yes, there were dark times, but now I have found the light again. Also thanks to my girlfriend Amber, a very wonderful woman I met before the Lockdown. My album was also made before the Lockdown. The rule was "one song per day" - which is why the whole thing was finished within eight days. Everything was done live, there were no click tracks and no demos. The musicians just had a quick look at the process, and each song was finished after two takes. In the studio I showed the others what to do, and you can hear that. There are parts in the jam parts where the whole thing almost falls apart, and then the band comes back together. You don't hear anything like that on records these days!

eclipsed: That's also the biggest difference with Joseph's album ..

Lukather: Yes, mine is live and his is very detailed produced. Joseph lives alone and works late into the night in his home studio tweaking his stuff - I think his new album is by far his most brilliant. Joseph also produced my lyric videos, by the way, and he's practically part of our family. Incidentally, I myself am using the corona-induced time off to grow vegetables, make repairs to the house and get to know myself - and I spend a lot of time with my kids.

Steve Lukather - I Found The Sun Again (Official Music Video)

Joseph Williams - Never Saw You Coming (Official Music Video)

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