STING - One for all

10. December 2021

Sting The Police

STING - Einer für alles

He's not a rock-animal and doesn't fit into any other pigeonhole either. Even more: Gordon Sumner aka Sting does everything to remain unpredictable. This includes musicals, reggae albums, duets, Vegas engagements and endless tours, but also entertaining statements on various topics. To mark the release of his 15th studio album, "The Bridge," we caught up with the former chief cop. Here's Sting on ..

"I feel great. Seriously, I enjoy my age and would never hide it. Plus, I'm fit, which is helpful. Singing keeps me in shape. It keeps my mind young. At the same time, I enjoy the fact that I'm a little wiser than I used to be."

"I haven't run in years, but I swim every day. Running is bad for the body - for the joints. I see people running who should be in the hospital. All I can say is, 'Stop it!'"

"The world is run by people who have absolutely no idea - and who don't care about our welfare in the slightest. That's sad, but true."

"I come from Wallsend on the Tyne, an evil shipyard town. I managed to escape it through education. At the same time, I'm grateful for my background because it gave me inner drive: I never wanted to work in the boatyards or mining, I wanted a better life. I have succeeded in that."

"I want to surprise people. I want them to hear my songs and wonder, 'What's happening here?' That's my intention. And I think we desperately need some lightheartedness and levity. Because there are so many crises: the climate crisis, the pandemic and so on. So we also need to sit back and say, 'Okay, let's have fun again.'"

Sting (live) au Panthéon-CMN - 50 ans de FIP - ARTE Concert

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