THE TANGENT - Attack on the Ivory Tower

15. September 2017

The Tangent

THE TANGENT - Attack on the Ivory Tower

"The world has changed, but not the band" is the almost defiant motto with which The Tangent promote their new tenth studio album "The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery". And because that is the case, the English have also remained true to their prog roots. But the content of the sextet around mastermind Andy Tillison expresses itself politically like never before.

"The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery", the new studio recording by British progressive rockers The Tangent, has become another exciting affair. Located beyond time and space. But if you listen to the lyrics of mastermind Andy Tillison, you will notice that the group has now arrived in reality. "In fact, the world has changed in the last few years," says Tillison.

"And not to her advantage. That's why I couldn't lean out of the window of the ivory tower while writing the current texts and pretend that this planet was intact and basically sympathetic. We at The Tangent have worked on the fringes of reality so far. But I would have felt like a coward if I had closed my eyes to the crude zeitgeist. Therefore, eyes open and through!"

Tillison calls on his fans to storm the barricades and not allow themselves to be offered everything in the way of political vulgarities, instead to rebel against ideologies of any kind or at least to question them. "We must not cower, because after all, people want to tell us how to live. People who expect us to choose them even though they're working against us. That's fatal!"

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