TWANGMEN hold the universe together with irrepressible power and joy of playing

25. March 2021


TWANGMEN halten mit unbändiger Kraft und Spielfreude das Universum zusammen

From the Austrian Vorarlberg comes a colorful troupe called Twangmen. In 2011 they gave a first sign of life with the EP "Double Peace". With "Triskele And Cascades" they now deliver their first full album. The basic trio of Martin "Medy" Mayer (guitar), Daniel Seeger (bass) and Flow Frick (drums) has, according to the latter, "been playing together in various combinations since their teenage years". And what makes the instrumental band Twangmen so special? What is their special sound, their "twang" (English for "sharp sound")? Frick immediately draws a bow from the band's sound to the sound of the cosmos: "The 'twang' stands for the positive force in the universe that holds everything together - the vibration that attracts opposites and forms the basis for new, interesting musical forms."

The Vorarlbergers don't want to bake small rolls. And indeed, in the course of completing the album, their personal cosmos has expanded even further: With Fabian Jäger (cello) and Gunnar Giesinger (keyboards) there was a noticeable increase instrumentally and in terms of personnel. Jäger explains the cryptic album title "Triskele And Cascades": "On the one hand, these are two hop varieties from craft beers that are very popular with all of us. For another, the title represents the genesis of the album: triskele - the start of three, cascades - the addition of keyboard and cello and other multi-layered sound cascades."

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