JELLY FICHE - Symbiosis

Kategorie: CD-Reviews | Genre: Artrock | Heft: Jahrgang 2012, eclipsed Nr. 137 / 2-2012 | VÖ-Jahr: 2012 | Wertung: 8/10 | Label: Unicorn | Autor: WP

The expectations were quite high after her formidable debut "Tout Ce Que J'ai Rêvé". After three years Jelly Fiche now present an equal successor (audio sample on the eclipsed sampler). The band, which had shrunk to two regular members, continued to emancipate and develop. So the Franko-Canadians (singer Syd and guitarist Jean-Francois Arsenault) don't orient themselves so much on the big role model Pink Floyd anymore. Instead, they frequently break out of their symphonic feel-good world without losing any of their melodiousness. With the refreshingly straight "Genèse" and the unconventional "Trahison", on which they even experiment with distorted vocals, they clearly set a rockier direction, which they later pursue with "Les Amants Et La Guerre" or the strong "Dualité". In between there is space for quiet, harmonious passages ("expansion", "Ève"). But there are also jazzy parts, even if well dosed. Where they are used, there they sit ("Le Marchand d'Hommes")! By the way: even if you don't understand French, you can feel the poetry of the texts.

Top track: Genèse

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