LOUDBOY - Loudboy

Kategorie: CD-Reviews | Genre: Alternative/Indie, Artpop/Pop | Heft: Jahrgang 2012, eclipsed Nr. 139 / 4-2012 | VÖ-Jahr: 2012 | Wertung: 6/10 | Label: Rent A Dog | Autor: SaS

If you take a closer look at the booklet of the debut album of this young man, who listens to the middle-class name John Andrews, you will firstly notice why the guest voices on two tracks seem so familiar to you, and secondly wonder how they could have grown together. On the one hand, Bauhaus icon Peter Murphy sings a duet with him, while on the other, Deutschpop nerve-wracker Nena squawks. I'm afraid the explanation is quite trivial: Andrews is a sought-after studio musician who has already worked closely with both of them and probably thought he needed to get a favor back now. In Murphy's case, of course, that's a win. The other one should be kept quiet. The rest is the record of a sidekick that had long enough time to collect ideas, work them out and pour them into pleasing, melodic indie pop songs. No more, no less. The album won't tear you from your stool. But Andrews knows how to skilfully polish songs in the studio. And that's something.

Top track: Rabbit And Turtle Take The City

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