ORIGAMIBIRO - Odham's Standard

Kategorie: CD-Reviews | Genre: Ambient, Electronic | Heft: Jahrgang 2014, eclipsed Nr. 158 / 3-2014 | VÖ-Jahr: 2014 | Wertung: 8/10 | Label: Denovali | Autor: CA

The recently released show featuring the three albums "Cracked Mirrors And Stopped Clocks", "Shakkei" and "Shakkei Remixed", which were actually older, was intended to make the unusual nature of this trio accessible to a wider public. With "Odham's Standard" there is now new material by Tom Hill, Andy Tytherleigh and Jim Boxall, which underlines the uniqueness of this project once again clearly. The musicians, filmmakers and producers were concerned here with the ghost photography of the late nineteenth century, which allegedly made the ghosts of deceased people visible and at that time gave parapsychology enormous popularity. The tonal equivalent to this photograph is the Electronic Voice Phenomenon, which is intended to capture the voices of the deceased. "Odham's Standard" makes these voices, which were collected and edited by Origamibiro, audible for us and dresses them in sound technical extravagance by means of minimal music, semi-classic and electronics. The dead speak to us on "Odham's Standard"..

Top track: Ada Deane

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