AC/DC "We're a band that still makes rock music for teenagers"

15. December 2020

AC/DC „Wir sind eine Band, die immer noch Rockmusik für Teenager macht“

They are really under power again: "I feel great with the new album," says AC/DC guitarist and band leader Angus Young about "Power Up", a late work of the Australian rock legend hardly thought possible in this brilliance by most. "We all really enjoyed recording it immensely. From the beginning, our goal with this band was to make music that exuded a lot of energy and passion. As always, we went out of our way to capture that very special AC/DC feel." You only have to listen to the first single "Shot In The Dark", a crunchy catchy rocker, to know what Angus means: "The number really sparks, in a classic AC/DC way."