ALAN J. BOUND - Space Rock between Cologne, Hendrix and the cosmos

23. June 2020

ALAN J. BOUND - Space Rock zwischen Köln, Hendrix und dem Kosmos

In 2010, Cologne-based space rocker Alan J. Bound released his third and last studio album "Cosmology", which is now officially re-released on the occasion of his 10th anniversary. It offers pure space rock, filled to the brim with guitars and off-world synthesizers. Bound, who lives in Cologne, also had a celebrity guest: CAN drummer Jaki Liebezeit. Opposite eclipsed, Bound remembers the album and gives a small glimpse into the future.

eclipsed: "Cosmology" is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. How did the new edition of the album come about?

Alan J. Bound: I got the chance to distribute the album through Edel. So you can order the CD at Saturn and Media Markt. Before that it was only possible to order it via mail order like JFK. It was also a good opportunity to remember the late Jaki.

eclipsed: With a ten-year gap: How do you judge the album now?