The band ALL THEM WITCHES achieves much more with one man less

28. August 2020

Die Band ALL THEM WITCHES erreicht mit einem Mann weniger deutlich mehr

Although music has much in common with mathematics, sometimes the art of sound confidently defies mathematical laws. An example of this is the American band All Them Witches. On their last album they performed as a quartet with guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, on the new CD "Nothing As The Ideal" they lost the keyboard player, and yet they sound fuller and more diverse than ever before. For drummer and band founder Robby Staebler this is the logical consequence of a natural development. "We didn't do anything different with the record than we did with the albums before," he states dryly, as if he was talking about his neighbour's new garage. "We don't need a reason to do anything, we're just playing around with some ideas. Some things work out, others don't. Our only plan was to bring in new music."

ALL THEM WITCHES "Sleeping Through The War"

20. March 2017

With a collage of animal sounds - bird twittering, a owl - the quartet from Nashville lures into its fourth work and thus into its very own world of psychedelic sounds that are always slightly smoke-soaked. Vocalist and bassist Charles Michael Parks, Jr. mostly laconically forces his way through the eight tracks, screams from time to time, refuses coffee and summons Bruce Lee, a cowboy Kirk and the internet.