TRAIL OF DEAD return in old strength

31. January 2020

TRAIL OF DEAD melden sich in alter Stärke zurück

It's been six years since the last album of the Texas band And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead was released, which is basically just a duo. On "IX", frontman Conrad Keely and his drumming counterpart Jason Reece took it a bit easier on the album, after the previous albums had partly paid homage to the noise phase of the early work: "I actually think in trilogies", Keely explains, "and this current trilogy started with 'IX' and now continues with 'X', and the next album I might even call 'XI', haha. Seriously, I was actually referring here to our more level-headed, melodic songs from the three albums from the early 'noughties, but that came about more spontaneously when we were composing and arranging

CONRAD KEELY "Original Machines"

21. January 2016

Being on the road is a formative element of the solo album of Trail-Of-Dead frontman Conrad Kelly. On the one hand as the theme of some songs ("Drive Back To Phnom Penh", "Out On The Road"). On the other hand, many of the tracks were created on the road, on tour with the Stammband, on journeys through his adopted country Cambodia, on Keely's iPad and with the help of the Garageband program.

eclipsed No. 165 / 11-2014

21. January 2015

PINK FLOYD - Let there be more Wright

The announcement of a new Pinkloyd album - the first in twenty years - resembled a bang. The decision of Messrs. Gilmour and Mason to do little or no promotion at all for their tribute to their deceased band colleague Rick Wright, though. This approach raises many questions. Don't the old masters believe in themselves and their output? Do you think the whole thing might already be a mistake? Or did they just hire the wrong PR agency? eclipsed about the trials and tribulations surrounding "The Endless River".


13. November 2014

"The album is about loss, and we've all had our experiences with it. We hope you'll all understand. If you can't, you're not human and you deserve to die." Trail Of Dead are known to have the joker on their back, but when it comes to their music, they are serious.


23. October 2014


Trail Of Dead have reason to celebrate. Exactly twenty years ago, the US formation, once known for its destructive stage shows, was founded. Of the original line-up only Conrad Keely (voc, g) and Jason Reece (dr, g, voc) are left, but the current album "IX" shows that the band doesn't want to rest on the laurels of "Tao Of The Dead" and "Lost Songs". Instead she offers with "IX" a very coherent, melodic work, which at the same time undertakes beguiling New Artrock excursions. In an interview Jason Reece reveals more about the songwriting process, the recordings and the therapeutic effect of the songs.

eclipsed: Your new CD "IX" is released just in time for the band's twentieth anniversary. Is that why it sounds so optimistic?

Jason Reece: We actually wanted to make an instrumental album with music that could be used for film and television. But in the end a song album came out and it took a while until we made friends with it.

eclipsed No. 128 / 3-2011

11. April 2014

Coronation of the Seventies

When 19-year-old bassist John Deacon joined the band of Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor in February 1971, Queen were ready to go. What followed was a career of intoxication. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the legendary rock band, we provide a chronology of the most exciting phase of their career: Queen in the seventies.

Machine Music

Torn apart and newly formed - Frank Bornemann has experienced this with his band Eloy several times. He has kept the formation alive since 1969. After eleven years of radio silence, Eloy returned in 2009 with the CD "Visionary". In December the DVD retrospective "The Legacy Box" was released, in July Eloy will play live for the first time in 13 years. Review of the stations in the career of a German prog band.

"We wanted to create a myth!"

eclipsed No. 109 / 3-2009

10. April 2014

eclipsed check: 100 top cover songs

You turn on the radio, and there it is again, this déjà-vu: I know that, I've heard that before... Cover songs are omnipresent! In the best case, such a recording is not simply old wine in new tubes, but an ambitious transmission that reveals new facets of the song. We've gathered 100 songs to which this applies.

About the Art of Covering