After a coffee break ASTEROID is back in full swing again

23. November 2016

After a coffee break ASTEROID is back in full swing again

eclipsed: In 2013, you put the asteroid on ice. Why?

Robin Hirse: It was just time for a break. We had played together for a long time and were overtired. When we decided to take a break, we didn't know how long it would last. We didn't even know if we'd even start again. All we knew was that we needed time to breathe.

eclipsed: And how did you find your way back into the trail? What new motivation did you have?

Millet: It has taken some time for the motivation to return. At some point I invited the others for coffee, and we started a little jam session. That became two or three sessions and we noticed that there is still music that we can make as an asteroid. Unfortunately our drummer Elvis Campbell left us after the recordings for the new album. But with Jimmi Kohlscheen we have found a replacement.


27. October 2016

The six-year creative break seems to have done Asteroid good. The simply titled "III" Drittwerk is bursting with properly grounded tracks with a wide stylistic and emotional range. One almost gets the impression that the three Swedes have gone into seclusion to create songs in silence that capture the past, present and future of their sound world at the same time.