BATTLES travel to different epochs of pop history

29. October 2019

BATTLES reisen in verschiedene Epochen der Popgeschichte

Every four years the New York band Battles releases a new album. Originally started as a quartet, the formation shrank to duo strength on their fourth CD "Juice B Crypts". However, this does as little to break down their ingenuity as it does their volume. Battles, these are still drummer John Stanier and guitarist Ian Williams. The songs on "Juice B Crypts" couldn't be more different.

The four-year rhythm of the Battles releases is pure coincidence, but the new album has benefited from this break to gather and join the class of the debut album "Mirrored" with various guest vocalists. "After the last record we toured for two years", says John Stanier, "then we needed a little distance. These things are normal. The difference this time was that someone jumped out: Three years after the last record the label asked us if it wasn't time for a new CD.