BIG WHITE WONDER - 50 Years of Bootleg Culture

09. July 2019

GROSSES WEISSES WUNDER - 50 Jahre Bootlegkultur

Almost every record collector has one thing on his shelf: a bootleg. At first, the manufacturers and sellers of unauthorized studio and concert recordings were washing their way through loopholes in the Code. But the record industry and the artists it represented quickly declared war on the hustle and bustle to recover lost profits. 50 years ago "Great White Wonder" was released, a double LP with songs by Bob Dylan: the first bootleg in rock history. The news spread rapidly, first on the west coast of the USA, then throughout the country: a new Dylan album, the cover completely in white, was on the market. However, this did not come from Columbia Records, where Dylan was under contract. What lay there in the record shops in July 1969 and was sold openly went down in rock history as the first bootleg under the name "Great White Wonder".