DEVIN TOWNSEND - White Rainbow

14. May 2019

DEVIN TOWNSEND - Weißer Regenbogen

The Canadian exceptional musician Devin Townsend presents on his new solo album "Empath" a wicked mix of extreme metal, country, ambient/new age, orchestral and choral compositions and jazz, detached from all stylistic constraints. It is nothing less than a tour de force through the career of the 46-year-old synesthete who perceives "Empath" as an iridescent white album.

End of March. After a holiday in India, which Devin Townsend crowned with the first two shows of his acoustic tour in New Delhi and Mumbai, the first gig in Europe is coming up in a few hours. The Canadian is still sitting relaxed in a hotel room in Amsterdam before he will share the stage of the Effenaar in Eindhoven with the scene greats TesseracT, Haken, Leprous, Soen, The Gathering and Wheel at the debut of the "Prognosis Festival".

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