DIE WILDE JAGD - On the border between physical and mental

27. May 2020

DIE WILDE JAGD - Auf der Grenze zwischen Physis und Seele

In 1872 Peter Nicolai Arbo painted his picture "The Wild Hunt", which shows a scene from Nordic-Germanic mythology with dramatic light-shadow contrasts. Sebastian Lee Philipp, producer and songwriter from Berlin, was so impressed by this painting that he named his musical project after it. That was around 2015, and after the untitled debut, in which Die Wilde Jagd still consisted of the duo Sebastian Lee Philipp and the Düsseldorf producer Ralf Beck, "Uhrwald Orange" (in which Beck was only co-producer) followed in 2018. "Haut", the new, third work of Die Wilde Jagd, is as rich in contrast as Arbos picture: electronics, medieval sounds, krautrock, avant-garde - all this comes together here in four long tracks, in a magical triangle of subtle melodies, hypnotic rhythms and indefinable sounds. eclipsed spoke with Sebastian Lee Philipp.