DIETER DIERKS - Part 2 of the exclusive interview with the producer legend

31. July 2021

DIETER DIERKS - Teil 2 des Exklusiv-Interviews mit der Produzenten-Legende

Actually Dieter Dierks doesn't like to be looked into the notes, but for eclipsed the great German producer made an exception. The trained actor, long considered the "sixth Scorpion", talks about Klaus Meine's voice, his meeting with Billy Joel, drinking bouts with Rory Gallagher, his inventions and a dream in the second part of our big interview.

eclipsed: Dieter, what do you appreciate about Scorpions singer Klaus Meine?

TELL IN ROCK - Media once mercilessly destroyed the musical about the Swiss national hero

27. July 2020

TELL IN ROCK - Medien machten das Musical über den Schweizer Nationalhelden einst gnadenlos nieder

An outcry of indignation went through Switzerland in the summer of 1977: on 31 July of all days, on the eve of the Swiss National Day, the musical "Tell!" premiered in Zurich - a modern, rocky version of the story about the national hero of the Swiss Confederates. After only one month, Tell Musical AG - Udo Jürgens was one of the shareholders - had to pull out all the stops: The negative press response was too much, the audience stayed away. What the media in the alpine state got excited about is now easy to relive: The original LP version of the musical, which was produced by Dieter Dierks, is now available for the first time on CD; it comes in a double pack with demo recordings for the piece, which were already made in 1975.