ELBOW - The healing power of music

10. December 2021

ELBOW - Die heilende Kraft der Musik

Conventions change with the times. This is especially true for music: before the Corona crisis, the motto "the more insignificant, the more compatible with the masses" seemed to have prevailed. 18 months later, most songwriters have piled up so much that they now want to make themselves heard with content. In doing so, two camps can be distinguished: Some need to shake off the lethargy of stagnation first, while others embrace the new post-Covid lifestyle - not least in the quiet fear that it might be short-lived. Among the latter is the band Elbow. Their new album, Flight Dream 1, is a passionate declaration of the beauty of life

The new normal

eclipsed No. 159 / 4-2014

09. September 2014

30 years "Fugazi"

"We were in a transitional phase as a band: from a bunch of kids in a van hunting for a record deal to a band that finally had that deal in their pockets and was now trying to record the follow-up to a successful debut album This is Fish's assessment of the situation Marillion found himself in a few months after the release of "Script For A Jester's Tear" in spring 1983.

Berlin calling

eclipsed No. 130 / 5-2011

11. April 2014

Reflections on a Fascinating Form of Music

ELBOW - Back to the ground

26. March 2014

ELBOW - Back to the ground

"I'm afraid the press has misunderstood Guy's statement," Pete Turner puts Guy Garvey's announcement to make a prog album into perspective right at the beginning of the interview. "What he actually meant by 'progressive' was the word in the sense of progress, being progressive. This statement did not have much to do with the musical style of the same name." In the following, the 40-year-old Elbow bassist helps to clarify further open questions.

eclipsed: With the last album "Build A Rocket Boys!" the press has put you almost continuously in the progressive rock corner. Are you comfortable there?