eclipsed No. 182 / 7/8-2016

31. December 2016

RETRO? ROCK! - Blues Pills and the New Generation Rock

ERIC CLAPTON - Closed Society

22. June 2016

ERIC CLAPTON - Closed Society

Originally started to raise money for Eric Clapton's drug clinic in the Caribbean, the "Crossroads Guitar Festival" is now considered an institution where the best guitarists on the planet get together. Now Clapton, who has just released the respectable old work "I Still Do", draws an impressive interim balance of "his" festival with the elaborate three-CD box set "Crossroads Revisited". The idea was born from an embarrassment: Eric Clapton, after all one of the wealthiest rock musicians of the scene, needed money. Not for himself personally, but for a project that was close to his heart. In 1998, the "Crossroads Centre" addiction clinic on the Caribbean island of Antigua, initiated by the once alcoholic and heroin-addicted guitarist, opened its doors after five years of planning, preparation and construction. However, the necessary funds were lacking to finance the ongoing operation of the clinic.

Eric Clapton "I Still Do"

13. June 2016

After the album "Old Sock" you had to seriously worry about where Eric Clapton's path would lead. Without any concept and almost without any momentum, the guitar icon was hanged in 2013 by a collection of songs, which with a lot of benevolence went through as background music for old men's evenings. With the motivated J.J.-Cale-Tribute-Album "The Breeze" it went thank God uphill again, and also on his current longplayer "I Still Do" Clapton sounds pleasantly fresh.

eclipsed No. 153 / 9-2013

12. April 2014


Not only the Rolling Stones have been in the business for half a century, Eric Clapton also celebrates his 50th anniversary as a member of the Yardbirds: The guitarist's first professional engagement took place in October 1963. It was the beginning of a long journey that led him again and again to Crossroads, and it was the years in which he set the course for his unique career, which is still valid today.

McCartney, Zappa, Waters and Co.: When Rock Musicians Make Classical Music

eclipsed No. 119 / 4-2010

11. April 2014

Inventor of Olympus

They are among the most celebrated rock guitarists in the world. They once played in the same band, though not at the same time. After their departure from the Yardbirds, the careers of Jeff Beck (65) and Eric Clapton, who turns 65 on March 30, developed completely differently. eclipsed traces the paths of the fundamentally different (musician) characters, visited one of the rare joint concerts in London, spoke with Mr. Beck himself and interviewed numerous fellow musicians about their eternal rivals.

"I'm not a blues snob, I'm a rocker!"