FATHER JOHN MISTY shifts back several gears after the great deed "Pure Comedy

03. July 2018

Nach der Großtat „Pure Comedy“ schaltet FATHER JOHN MISTY mehrere Gänge zurück

Josh Tillman doesn't give interviews about his new album "God's Favorite Costumer". Why, he must have thought, after all he threw himself into the media hustle and bustle for the not even one year old predecessor "Pure Comedy" without regard to losses. Suddenly his fictional character Father John Misty was on everyone's lips, not only the music press, but also the feuilletons became aware of the singer-songwriter. And he had also created a really wonderful album, which reminded of the West Coast Pop of the 70s, of brooding, shy songwriters like James Taylor or Jackson Browne. No wonder, since "Pure Comedy" was created in close cooperation with the producer (and current Roger Waters tour guitarist) Jonathan Wilson, who is a kind of guardian of this sound, as not only his own records but also those of the band Dawes, which he is in charge of, prove. Traces of the early Elton John could also be heard on the album.


12. April 2017

Why do people make each other's lives hell? Why is human existence an absurd comedy? These questions are examined from different perspectives on "Pure Comedy", the third album by Father John Misty alias Josh Tillman. In return, the former Fleet Foxes drummer fuses autobiographical stories, allusions to ancient myths, and witty, biting comments on the socio-political situation in the USA.