GREEN ASPHALT are the biggest hopefuls in the wake of Gentle Giant

11. July 2022

GREEN ASPHALT sind die größten Hoffnungsträger im Gefolge von Gentle Giant

Dan Bornemark's T-shirt with the "Free Hand" cover motif says it all: The singer, multi-instrumentalist and main composer of Green Asphalt is a huge Gentle Giant fan. This can be heard clearly on his band's self-titled debut album, which nevertheless sounds highly independent and is a found food for all those listeners who like complex prog songs full of playfulness

In an interview with eclipsed, the 57-year-old Swede talks about his soft spot for children's music (he has released several albums for small listeners), his long-standing friendship with the musicians of Gentle Giant and, of course, about the "Green Asphalt" album, whose creation process took 17 years. But as they say, all's well that ends well!

eclipsed: Dan, you come from a very musical family, as both your father Valter and your mother Gullan composed. How old were you when you learned your first instrument?