GRETA VAN FLEET - The Changing of the Guard

06. April 2021

GRETA VAN FLEET - Die Wachablösung

Greta Van Fleet's debut "Anthem Of The Peaceful Army" was a first tremor, with "The Battle At Garden's Gate" now follows a bang: an album with which the quartet from Frankenmuth, Michigan, prepares to change the guard in rock music - with anthems for a new generation that mature genre icons like the Stones, Led Zep or The Who have long since ceased to reach. After all, today's youth - says bassist Sam Kiszka in an eclipsed interview - want their own heroes, mouthpieces and songs.

eclipsed: Sam, is the success of your debut an indication that rock music is just not dead, as is often claimed?

GRETA VAN FLEET - The life insurance of the Rock

26. November 2018

GRETA VAN FLEET - Die Lebensversicherung des Rock

There is a rumour that rock music is dead or watered down by pop music, windy producers and the music industry. In this respect, the only thing that remains is a look back through back catalogue publications, reunion tours and autobiographies from a supposedly better time. All nonsense, as Greta Van Fleet proves: The quartet from Michigan proves to be the guardian of the Grail and maybe even the future of rock. eclipsed singer Josh Kiszka has been interviewed in Los Angeles.