KRAAN - The pure pleasure principle

16. November 2020

KRAAN - Das reine Lustprinzip

In the 1970s KRAAN were a German jazz rock institution. After several break-ups, the band from Ulm has been active again since 2000 and is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. Appropriately, the new studio work "Sandglass" was released in October - a wonderfully light-hearted album on which Hellmut Hattler (vocals, bass), Peter Wolbrandt (vocals, guitar, synthesizer) and Jan Fride (drums) make music together in an almost telepathic way

Hellmut Hattler is noticeably proud of "Sandglass", which was created at the time of the lockdown and contains 13 compact pieces that were recorded with great taste. In an interview with eclipsed, the 68-year-old, who survived a leukaemia illness some time ago, talks about the recordings, tells about the healing effect of the album production and explains what has changed in the band chemistry since the time of the common community life