ISILDURS BANE & PETER HAMMILL - At the Amazon Basin with colleagues

19. June 2019

ISILDURS BANE & PETER HAMMILL - Am Amazonasbecken mit Kollegen

Two years after their collaboration with Steve Hogarth, Isildurs Bane dare to start another cooperation. This time they make common cause with Van der Graaf Generators mythical Peter Hammill. The lone wolf is known for only entering into musical collaborations in exceptional cases. With "In Amazonia" the Englishman and the Swedes have presented a wonderfully complicated, demanding album.

Peter Hammill is, what you might seldom believe as an outsider, once again in a very good mood during the interview and is very willing to provide information as usual. Just like Mats Johansson, mastermind of the Swedish prog collective Isildurs Bane, he is enthusiastic about the collaboration, which could perhaps grow, as both indicate in the interview.

eclipsed: How did your cooperation come about?