Bluesrocker KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD is on the road a lot and has a lot to tell

03. June 2019

Bluesrocker KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD ist viel unterwegs und hat einiges zu erzählen

"Louisiana's Finest" Kenny Wayne Shepherd has been one of the established ones for several years now. The former blues guitar wonder child was something like the superstar of the blues rock scene in the nineties and noughties. Even when these times are long gone, Forty-Something still has a loyal audience and likes to play live. The new record "The Traveler" is a mature work of the fivefold father, which he presents as headliner and special guest of Beth Hart in Germany from the end of June.

eclipsed: Your way from guitar hero to songwriter, who also gains more and more stature vocally, continues on "The Traveler".