JOHN GARCIA - The free swimmer

29. August 2014

JOHN GARCIA - The free swimmer

At the snack bars around the Schlesische Tor in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, people sit in front of flat screens and watch football. Only at Club Bi Nuu is the world championship in Brazil a minor matter. John Garcia's band Unida has gathered there for a soundcheck. Despite the newly awakened interest of the Americans in soccer, which one hears about everywhere, the members of the US band don't feel like kicking. Before the soundcheck can start, the ex-Kyuss singer follows up interview obligations. He uses the last gig before a longer break of his Stoner troupe to talk about his solo debut.

eclipsed: You're releasing your first solo album. Surely some fans expected it earlier..

JOHN GARCIA "John Garcia"

21. July 2014

"Garcia vs. Garcia" was the previously announced title of John Garcia's solo album, which has been postponed for years. Now it is still finished and the title is more simple. Although the working title would have fit well to the Elf Song cycle, because musically it seems almost irrelevant under which banner Garcia acts. To say: His solo work is not really stylistically different from "Peace", last year's album of the quasi-Kyuss-Reunion band Vista Chino.