LEPROUS - The power of intuition

05. September 2021

LEPROUS - Die Kraft der Intuition

With their album "Pitfalls", released in 2019, the Norwegian prog metallers LEPROUS impressively recommended themselves as one of the top bands of the genre. The follow-up "Aphelion" follows on from this almost seamlessly, both musically and in terms of content. Frontman Einar Solberg once again deals with his experiences with depression and anxiety disorders in the lyrics, but this time with a more optimistic basic orientation

LEPROUS - No more fear!

12. November 2019

LEPROUS - Keine Angst mehr!

The fantastic journey of Leprous continues. Since their debut "Tall Poppy Syndrome" the Norwegians have taken a fascinating musical development. Already with "Bilateral" they emancipated themselves from the original approach (Black Metal paired with classical prog rock of the seventies and jazzy passages), with albums like "Coal" and "The Congregation" they then joined the top of a fresh new prog metal generation. With "Pitfalls", their sixth album, the band is now also vehemently freeing themselves from this (for them never really existing) corset, the musical palette of the quintet seems to be almost unlimited from now on (see also the detailed review of the current "album of the month"!). In an interview singer Einar Solberg talks openly about his severe depression.

eclipsed: Einar, "Pitfalls" is lyrically probably the most personal Leprous album ever.