LUKE HAINES "New York In The '70s"

26. June 2014

At the beginning there is a bitter parody of the Velvet underground song "Candy Says": "Alan Vega Says" describes how the suicide front man supposedly approaches songwriting, and the cynic of British pop, Luke Haines, doesn't leave good hair on him. Neither is Lou Reed, the New York Dolls or the underground poet Jim Carroll. Or is "New York In The '70s" more about the transfiguration of a pop-cultural scene, a transfiguration that Haines emphasizes in his songs as superficial and striking?

LUKE HAINES "Baader Meinhof"

28. April 2014

Were Luke Haines' Auteurs a musically limited band or highly interesting and experimental? This question can actually be answered by each listener only for himself. At least Mr. Haines has always provoked his audience, as his solo album, recorded in 1996, proves. The textual processing of the Baader Meinhof Group is accompanied by unexpected music.