MELANIE MAU & MARTIN SCHNELLA - Legends from the Harz, forged in acoustic metal

05. September 2022

MELANIE MAU & MARTIN SCHNELLA - Sagen aus dem Harz, geschmiedet in akustischem Metall

Singer Melanie Mau and guitarist Martin Schnella have been known as a duo since 2015, especially for their inventive acoustic versions of famous rock and prog songs. "Invoke The Ghosts" is now their second work with original songs. An independent concept with strong songs has come out.

eclipsed: With your second album of original songs, you've really stepped it up a notch. How did you approach "Invoke The Ghosts" and how did you come to the album title?

Martin Schnella: By now we are a well-rehearsed team as far as songwriting is concerned. We bring our ideas together and let them grow into songs. Either they develop from guitar riffs, melodies or a lyrical basis. Then one meshes with the other, and over time the arrangements mature. We came up with the album title later, when all the songs were finished. Many of them are about legends and ghosts. The title "Summoning the Spirits" just fit into the concept.