eclipsed No. 117 / 2-2010

11. April 2014

The eclipsed annual review 2009

The first decade of the third millennium is behind us. What this remains in the memory from a cultural-historical point of view is not yet quite clear. The fog has to clear a little. One thing, however, is already clear: Rock has asserted its position, which it regained in the nineties. Just in 2009 he reaped another amazing harvest.

contaminated fruit

eclipsed No. 101 / 5-2008

10. April 2014

Shuffling madness

Four decades as a long runner in the limelight, so many concerts on the hump as hardly any other band, in addition a loyal following in the back: Jethro Tull have seen many musical fashions come and go, have made a number of artistic turns themselves and now, on 30 May, start their "40 Years Anniversary Live Tour" in Berlin. A tribute to the indestructible rock band and its headstrong boss.

Glacier melt of consciousness

eclipsed No. 47 / 11-2002

08. April 2014

eclipsed No. 37 / 5-2001

08. April 2014

MOTORPSYCHO - To hell with the monotony!

26. March 2014

MOTORPSYCHO - To hell with the monotony!

The singer and guitarist Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan is very balanced these days: As if the relaxed mood of the current Motorpsycho studio factory had been transferred to the musicians. Or was it the other way around? In the interview "Snah" talks about the advantages of purifying songs and why it's liberating that the big hype around the trio from Trondheim has diminished a bit.

eclipsed: Behind The Sun" unmistakably gathers influences from all your creative periods. Were you trying to please everyone? Have you given up your intransigence?