Obituary Neil Peart - Farewell, professor!

16. March 2020

Nachruf Neil Peart - Farewell, professor!

Neil Peart is dead. The drummer and lyricist of Rush died on January 7th in Santa Monica, California at the age of 67 from a brain tumor. The multi-award-winning drummer and book author had already left the band in 2015 for health reasons. Rush had thereupon declared the end of their career. Throughout his life Peart was a researcher, a seeker. Whether it was playing drums, reading literature or acquiring knowledge in general: The unpretentiously shy, but at the same time warm-hearted and extremely eloquent Canadian was constantly on the lookout for new subjects, into which he knew how to plunge with almost childish naivety, only to emerge from this process as a grown-up personality.