THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Flying high on the tracks of a Swedish music legend

02. March 2020

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Höhenflug auf den Spuren einer schwedischen Musiklegende

The Night Flight Orchestra once again offers classic rock board service of the upper class. Always on the lookout for the perfect song, the Swedes on their fifth album "Aeromantic" walk more and more in the musical footsteps of their home country's most famous band - and not only because their recording studio contained the drums of their studio drummer Per Lindvall.

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Drunk with happiness

02. August 2018


What Joe Bonamassa managed to do with the blues - to get him out of the old man's mess and back into the limelight - The Night Flight Orchestra could succeed with the AOR. The Swedish melodic rockers are just delivering their fourth album and are dusting off a genre that has not only had an image problem in recent decades, but has also all too often frozen in clichés. Björn Strid and his band are in love with these standards and provide them with a fun factor of ten.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 93

25. May 2017

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Something Mysterious (4:07)
Album: Amber Galactic (2017)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

In the late seventies/early eighties, The Night Flight Orchestra would have filled arenas and stadiums with their songs. Today "Amber Galactic" is a passionate bow to Journey, Foreigner and (as in the case of "Something Mysterious") Survivor. The piano even brings a little Billy Joel into play.