NOISOLUTION - Quality pays off

01. December 2020

NOISOLUTION - Qualität zahlt sich aus

Firewater, Scumbucket, Mother Tongue, Rotor, Coogans Bluff, Daily Thompson, The Flying Eyes, Jud ... What looks like the "Who's who" of alternative rock is actually part of the label Roster of Noisolution, a music label that was founded exactly 25 years ago. So it's time for a laudatory speech, because there are not so many record companies anymore, which have made such an outstanding contribution to alternative rock music in recent years as Noisolution. The mastermind behind it all is Arne Gesemann, who at the time of its founding primarily wanted to live out his preference for punk rock, while the development over the years naturally favoured the Berlin label to feel comfortable with other varieties of alternative rock music. After all, the latest releases are discreetly in progressive (Kaskadeur) or stoner rock (Daily Thompson).