PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS - Original monsters and creatures of the night

02. June 2020

PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS Urtümliche Ungetüme und Kreaturen der Nacht

Last year, the US prog band Spock's Beard surprisingly formed a new formation: Pattern-Seeking Animals consists of the two Beard musicians Ted Leonard (vocals and guitar) and Dave Meros (bass) as well as ex-drummer Jimmy Keegan and John Boegehold, who up to now has mainly been a co-singer-songwriter and now acts as composer, keyboarder and producer. Musically close to the mother band, Pattern-Seeking Animals offer more AOR elements and melodies that are catchy. Mastermind John Boegehold explained to us which "stories" they have to tell and which mysterious "patterns" these new prog animals are on the trail of.

eclipsed: Can you briefly summarize how Pattern-Seeking Animals came together?

John Boegehold: It started with demos that I wanted to record professionally. Then I called people I knew well, like Ted and Jimmy. It quickly became a band.