A Perfect Circle's BILLY HOWERDEL has waited enough, now he tries his hand as a soloist

28. August 2022

A Perfect Circle's BILLY HOWERDEL hat genug gewartet, jetzt versucht er sich als Solist

Since 1999, the bald guitarist has played in a band that has brought him as much success as trouble: A Perfect Circle. A cooperation with Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, who has hardly any time, but all the more whims. Logical consequence: With "What Normal Was," the frustrated Howerdel goes it alone - and speaks plainly.

eclipsed: Do you wish you had recorded more music with Maynard over the last 23 years?

Billy Howerdel: No question about it! If his schedule had allowed it, we would have made more than four albums, guaranteed.

eclipsed: Did you get into a dependency there that you regret? Was it a mistake to get hooked on him as a singer?

A PERFECT CIRCLE - Trunk from the bowl

26. March 2018

A PERFECT CIRCLE - Trunk from the bowl

Fourteen years between two albums - these are dimensions that a band first has to be able to afford. They require a healthy self-confidence, but also devoted fans who have the patience of an angel. As with the duo Billy Howerdel and Maynard James Keenan, who form the creative nucleus of A Perfect Circle, where the time factor doesn't seem to matter: songs are only released when they are really perfect. When the artistic vision has been exhausted to the last and the press has once again been properly presented. An exhausting prelude for a big album called "Eat The Elephant". That's just part of A Perfect Circle..

eclipsed No. 57 / 11-2003

09. April 2014