PETE TOWNSHEND - The Age of Fear: An Art Novel

11. September 2020

PETE TOWNSHEND- Das Zeitalter der Angst: Ein Kunstroman

In addition to his main job at The Who, Pete Townshend has earned an extra income as an editor for various publishers. The sideline became a passion which he now crowns with his first novel. "The Age of Fear: An Art Novel" is also intended as the basis for an upcoming rock opera.

The following book excerpt describes a reunion concert by Walter, who had retired from the music business for a long time because he was plagued by visions of other people's fears. Together with his old band and his father, after 15 years he discovers his new creativity and transforms the sounds he hears into tangible, if disturbing music. It is the beginning of a liberation

Extract from the book by Pete Townshend (from page xxx to page xx)

THE WHO - "Getting old without getting old - that's the solution!"

10. February 2020

THE WHO - „Alt zu werden, ohne alt zu werden – das ist die Lösung!“

THE WHO are just experiencing their third spring at the age of 70. Because their current album "Who" has become a convincing collection of eleven tracks. One is reluctant to attribute the album to "late work" because the protagonists Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend on the record sound more like mid-twenties than mid-seventies

We meet Daltrey (75) and Townshend (74) - one after the other, of course, because love doesn't go that far to face an interview together - in an old-fashioned hotel in central London. The Who's singers and guitarist are in the best of moods. The joy about releasing a new album with "Who" 13 years after "Endless Wire" is great

eclipsed: Roger, your colleague, Pete Townshend, says he wrote the new songs with you in mind. Is that how you see it?