Peter Green (1946-2020) - The gentle giant

11. September 2020

Peter Green (1946–2020) - Der sanfte Gigant

Next to Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, he was the third great virtuoso of the electric guitar in the 60s: Peter Green became famous with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, founded Fleetwood Mac and gave the world song classics like "Albatross" and "Oh Well". In 1970, after little more than three years, he left the band and only appeared sporadically in the spotlight after that. An obituary for a mentally unstable genius who was one of the greats of the classic rock era.

It is hard to imagine what would have become of this man with his sensitive fingers if he had finished the butcher apprenticeship he had begun. The excursion into the bourgeois working world, however, remained a brief intermezzo in the life of Peter Allen Greenbaum, because the 15-year-old soon put the butcher's knife aside in order to devote himself entirely to the guitar from then on. It was to lead him into the clear heights, but also into the darkest abysses.