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31. December 2016

RETRO? ROCK! - Blues Pills and the New Generation Rock

RADIOHEAD "A Moon Shaped Pool"

08. July 2016

Breaking with conventions is Radiohead's core brand. Also in the public image: shortly before "A Moon Shaped Pool" was released and reached the top of the British charts, Thom Yorke and colleagues deleted all content from the band's website and from social media profiles. Of course there were no interviews or concerts either. This attitude of refusal has so far found its counterpart in the famous desire to decompose music.

Harmonies from the Petri dish - RADIOHEAD prove to be a pleasure to experiment as usual

22. June 2016

Harmonies from the Petri dish - RADIOHEAD prove to be a pleasure to experiment as usual

The new Radiohead album is out. It bears the title "A Moon Shaped Pool" and was once again accompanied by an online campaign, which is no longer a big surprise. At first the band's homepage gradually disintegrated until only a white area was visible, at the same time all entries disappeared from the band's social media accounts. Shortly afterwards the words "Burn The Witch" could be read on the page. A day later a mysterious video clip of a song of the same name and the announcement that something would happen next Sunday. Meanwhile it was clear even to the last one that it had to be the release of a new album, the completion of which Radiohead had already talked about on several occasions.

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11. April 2014

Reflections on a Fascinating Form of Music

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10. April 2014

The next big thing

The new album is here! It's called "The Incident." As with every new recording of Porcupine Tree, the expectations of fans and critics are enormous: The band has long since earned a reputation as an innovator of art rock. Will the album be the next big thing? Or is it a lot of smoke for nothing? According to bandleader Steven Wilson, "The Incident" is one of the best things he has ever created.

Metamorphosis of a Band

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10. April 2014


From the beginning the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world was famous for its unique charisma. No wonder that the long career of the Rolling Stones is the best documented in rock history. The Stones at the movies - a retrospective of sometimes even great cinema...

shopping list THE ROLLING STONES

Over 20 studio albums, at least as many heat compilations, nine official live productions - if you put together a Rolling Stones shopping list, you can easily stumble..

The English Patient

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10. April 2014

The Maccavelli of Pop

He was one of four in the Beatles. But since 1970 Sir Paul McCartney (65) has been popping on his own account. The result was a lot of hits, but also "Silly Love Songs". So ingenious and jargon - and the realization that pop gods are only human beings...

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