SÓLSTAFIR plunge into human abysses and bring good things to light

02. November 2020

SÓLSTAFIR tauchen ab in menschliche Abgründe und fördern Gutes zutage

The music sounds gloomy, the singing like a cry for help. But basically the songs of the Icelanders are very positive, they are about how crises can be overcome. Anyway, a conversation with frontman Aðalbjörn "Addi" Tryggvason is a pleasant encounter with an optimistic person. And this although Covid-19 completely threw his band's creative schedule overboard. "Normally we follow the rhythm 'writing songs, recording, releasing, touring and promoting the album'. This time things were different. At first it took us longer than usual. In December 2018 we started the new album, gave ourselves a year to record. By the end of 2019 we were still not finished. You could hear from far away China that a virus was at work there. We sat together and composed, went into the studio in February and March. In the meantime the virus had arrived in Europe and everything was shut down. Actually, we would have gone on tour with the album now..." Bad for the band? "No.