TILES "Pretending 2 Run"

20. April 2016

Sometimes as gentle seducers, sometimes as tough guys, Detroit's Tiles gave themselves up on their previous five studio albums. So also on "Pretending 2 Run", a double shot with about 96 minutes playing time. Album number six does not question the past and yet is a step forward.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 87

20. April 2016

SANTANA - Blues Magic (4:25)
Album: Santana IV (2016)
Label/Distributor: Santana IV/Thirty Tigers/Alive

A fascinating album that not only takes up the spirit of the early Santana in its title. If you listen to the new songs of the guitar magician, you immediately get the often quoted 'Woodstock-Feeling', also with the atmospheric "Blues Magic". Produced in a pleasantly old-fashioned way and yet never old-fashioned at any time. Album of the month!