Underground Trips July 2018

09. July 2018

Underground Trips Juli 2018

Top albums
  1. Sky Saxon & Vibravoid "Psychedelic..."
  2. Sun Dial "Science Fiction"
  3. Space Debris "Mountain.../Spacedelic..."
  4. F.S.O. - "The Far Seeing Oracle '67"
  5. Cosmic Ground "Cosmic Ground IV"
Top tracks
  1. Our Solar System "Volcanoes"
  2. Father Sky Mother Earth "Mother Earth"
  3. Bong "Tlön Uqbar Orbis Tertius"
  4. ZOFFF "Zeta"
  5. Domboshawa "Explorers"

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Underground Trips June 2018

04. June 2018

Underground Trips Juni 2018

Top albums
  1. Vibravoid - Vibrations From The Cosmic Void
  2. Pharoah Overlord - Zero
  3. Ümit! - The Testament Of Ümit!
  4. La Iglesia Atomica - Gran Muro de Coma
  5. Acid Eagle - The Aumega Sessions
Top tracks
  1. Pyramid - Dawn Defender
  2. Wolf Blood - Tsunami
  3. Oulu Space Jam Collective - Perforated Septum
  4. Surya Kris Peters - Ghost Notes...
  5. Ariel Kalma - Reve en Foret

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Underground Trips May 2018

26. April 2018

Underground Trips Mai 2018

Top albums
  1. Project FX3 - Heartbeat Triology...
  2. Cracked Machine - I, Cosmonaut
  3. Mythic Sunship - Upheaval
  4. Carlton Melton - Mind Minerals
  5. Stoned Karma - The Dark Side...
Top tracks
  1. Mouth - Homagotago
  2. Cookin' X - Mystery Dinner
  3. The Myrrors - Whirling Mountain Blues
  4. Merlin - The Wizard Suite
  5. Lady Moustache - Ellipsis

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TRAIL - 100% Live, 100% DIY

23. April 2018

TRAIL - 100% Live, 100% DIY

Trail are a new quartet (Hergen: Gitarre, Henning: Gitarre, Jan: Bass und Nils: Drums) from Darmstadt, who missed www.trailmusic.de the five attributes psychedelic, stoner, blues, post and rock on their own website and now presents their debut album "Spaces", which presents a furious mixture of stonerrock, new artrock and alternative rock. eclipsed introduced the band in the rehearsal room.

eclipsed: Trail has been around for three years. How does it feel to have suddenly released an album?

Henning: It's something special with us, because three of us four have been making music together for 15 years. We only make the music we want. Everything is designed casually. It's a great thing that we now have an album out of it. And the fact that it has met with such a positive response is something we are celebrating quite well here.

Underground Trips April 2018

27. March 2018

Underground Trips April 2018

Top albums
  1. Holy Mushroom "Moon"
  2. The Electric Family "The Long March"
  3. Sounds Of New Soma "Live..."
  4. Ax Genrich & Band "Out Of The Desert"
  5. DoZa "Shaman's Movie"
Top tracks
  1. Project FX3 "From A To Zen"
  2. Lonely Camel "The Day I'm Gone"
  3. Unimother 27 "Ossesso"
  4. Cosmic case "Spacejam"
  5. Transmitted by: Thanks For The Fish

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Underground Trips March 2018

25. February 2018

Underground Trips März 2018

Top albums
  1. Psychic Lemon "Frequency Rhythm..."
  2. Seven That Spells "Death And Resurrection..."
  3. Trail "Spaces"
  4. Vvlva "Path Of Virtue"
  5. Spatial Moods "Terra & La Cueva Sessions"
Top tracks
  1. King Buffalo "Repeater"
  2. The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol "Tsunami..."
  3. The Shadow Lizzards "Go Do"
  4. Noorvik "Turnagain"
  5. Red Stoner Sun "Somewhere..."

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Underground Trips February 2018

09. January 2018

Underground Trips Februar 2018

Top albums
  1. Vibravoid "Pictures at the Mind Museum"
  2. Solus "Satya Yuga"
  3. The Re-Stoned "Chronoclasm"
  4. La Iglesia Atómica "La Iglesia Atómica"
  5. The Dead-End Alley Band "Storms"
Top tracks
  1. Marijannah "Bride of Mine"
  2. Arabs In Aspic "Syndenes Magi"
  3. Sageness "Comido por el Sol"
  4. Cement "Portland - I"
  5. Dimartis "Istmo"

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Underground Trips - Top Albums 2017

02. January 2018

Underground Trips - Top Albums 2017

01. Space Debris - Krautrock Sessions 1994-2001

02. Megaritual - Dreamfeeder

03. The Infinite Trip - Brain Blossom

04. Black Is? just a dark white - Sunset In The Outer Space

Underground Trips January 2018

20. December 2017

Underground Trips Januar 2018

Top albums
  1. Pretty Lightning "The Rhythm Of Ooze"
  2. The Infinite Trip "Trips Vol. I"
  3. Low Orbit "Spacecake"
  4. Vago Sagrado "Vol. II"
  5. Snowchild "Age Of Change"
Top tracks
  1. Gypsy Sun Revival "Pisces"
  2. La Iglesia Atomica "On A Voyage To The Moon"
  3. Causa Sui "Vibraciones Doradas"
  4. Vintage Cucumber "Off to Spaceship"
  5. Stone From The Sky "Welcome To Trantor"

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VIBRAVOID - Today never knows

13. December 2017

VIBRAVOID - Today never knows

Probably no other musician in Germany holds the flag of the psychedelic higher than Christian "Doktor" Koch, the thought leader of the band Vibravoid founded in the late eighties. In music and lifestyle he orients himself on the forefathers of the movement and acts as an ambassador of an idea that is no longer present in the general public. The man from Düsseldorf himself did not experience the time and its vibrations, and yet he internalized them.

eclipsed: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about 1967?

Doctor: What we have lost. Look at the last hundred years: Between 1917 and 1967, much more developed socially than from 1967 until today. Nothing new came in '67. Everything was just further commercialized. There were computers and radios back then, but not so many. People didn't have smartphones to say anything about it.

eclipsed: What about the music?